We Are Among Top 2 Offshore Animation Studios In The World!

With having a record of 13 hours high quality 3D video production in the field of offshore, marine and renewable energies for many well-known clients in the world, International Energy Club is among top 2 industrial animation studios in the world.

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Offshore Wind Animations

We are some of the world’s brightest 3D specialists in the offshore, marine and renewable energies, all working to deliver a more sustainable world.
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Oil & Gas Animations

We feature the industry’s Best staff of 3D animators, as well as a comprehensive library of oil and gas industry videos and graphics.
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We Are International Energy Club!

International Energy Club is an utterly private and independent body, comprising researchers, experts and artists who look at the developments of oil and gas industry from a new perspective. Having commenced organized professional activities with more than 8 years’ experience, this club has managed to carry out many projects for over 300 companies, all of them active in the fields of oil, gas, drilling and petrochemical, offshore & marine industries. In the other word, International Energy Club is an innovation hub that continuously seeks gaps in the international energy market in order to establish new groups, at the same time creating multiple job opportunities, for young and talented artists.

We’re perfectionists, Idealists and Creators. We do work, we’re proud of; Work that makes an impact on our clients business. We do it by bringing bright people together from all walks of life and every imaginable background, letting them loose on a challenge, and giving them the freedom to explore the possibilities. We are problem-solvers, solution-finders, and askers of “what if?” We help you tell your story in the most authentic way possible and delivered in a strong, beautiful, thoughtfully crafted manner. When you trust International Energy Club with your project, you can count on the same proven, time-tested approach that has made hundreds of previous projects successful. So let’s get started. Meet our team, see our works and read about a few reasons, why you should consider cooperation with International Energy Club.

When you sit with us for the first time, you’ll find that your project is already half way complete. You won’t have to waste precious time explaining the fundamentals or even some of the more complex subject matters. We get it. In fact we are more than just experienced journalists, designers, our animators. We’re your partners! As a strategic, branding, and marketing group in the oil industry, we have the right team to service your needs. Or, if you’re unsure of your exact needs, we can help you with that too! We ask the right questions to get to the heart of your challenges, and then work with you to design meaningful solutions. We are purposeful in selecting organizations to work with, because we don’t just want clients. We want partners.

Similarly, you should be purposeful in selecting a group that understands your mission and its goals. When you work with International Energy Club, you get a passionate team working to make your projects and your organization successful. We would love the opportunity to show you what we’re made of and what we can make of your project. At International Energy Club it is all about you and your business in the oil industry. We pride ourselves on building strong, solid and long lasting relationships with the people in the industry that we deal with. With free advice and excellent communication throughout your project, the International Energy Club team, handles all your design, printing, web, industrial animation, documentary, news and social media needs. From the initial steps, our team manages the entire process so that you are free to spend your time building your business.

Whether you are in designing phase or construction, installation, pre-commissioning or… we can bring your project to communication clarity with clear, pertinent and technically correct graphics and multimedia animations. Our engineering background allows us to take raw technical data and generate communication aids that the financial community, community leaders and pretty much anyone who doesn’t have an engineering background, can quickly understand.

Every one of our clients has access to our account management, project management, and creative teams at all times throughout the duration of their projects. Since we are relatively small in size, all of our team members work closely with one another on a daily basis to ensure everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Our goal is to provide our clients with a level of comfort to where they can come to us at any time with anything that may be on their mind. We sure at the end of your project, you see us as a member of your team, instead of an outside animation studio.

We apply the same attention to details and standards of quality against every project that comes through our doors, no matter how big or small the project and or client may be. In fact we are not concerned about the number of projects we can take on at once and how quickly we can crank them out. Our focus, has and will always remain on the customers and their complete satisfaction. That is why we maintain a small creative team comprised of animators and designers that are among the best in the industry.

We are deeply intertwined within the oil and gas animations – from onshore to offshore, to subsea and beyond. That’s why we look at every presentation as a new challenge to get your heart racing; your blood pumping and excited about what’s going to happen next. It’s that emotion, coupled with your key massaging, that helps drive sales and impacts your bottom line. In fact when you sit with us for the first time, you’ll find that your project is already half way complete. We would love the opportunity to show you, what we’re made of and what we can make of your project. We admit it. It’s true. We’re All Up in Your Business.

Fish Farming Animations

The future of aquaculture relies heavily on technological capabilities. When it comes to presenting new concepts to possible investors – visualization is the key to success. International Energy Club supports fish farming industry with wide range of services that allows them to visualize their concepts in very realistic way.

Marine & Subsea Animations

International Energy Club is already familiar with most of the terms and procedures used in the offshore and marine industry, we have modeled many types of existing vessels, and have firsthand knowledge of working with experienced engineers in international companies. In fact, our background in offshore oil and gas and marine industry, has given us a ton of knowledge and a special mindset that we apply to our projects. As our work samples show, we have all the technical and artistic know how required to deliver the highest quality.
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IEC Will Visit Offshore Energy Exhibition For The Sixth Time

IEC Will Visit Adipec 2024 Exhibition For The Sixth Time

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