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Industrial Animation

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Industrial animation video

industrial animation،There are companies that usually have trouble explaining their solutions; Such as industrial, technical, offshore industry, and construction as well as technical service providers. Especially if they have customers who have no background or knowledge in their field of work, but training customers is necessary to sell their products.

It might seem impossible to even imagine explaining the science behind every part of the rotary heating system your company has invented, right? And this is the reason why in your marketing strategies industrial animation becomes a necessary section.

What is industrial animation?

 industrial animation is the art and creation of animations professionally for use in commercial or industrial products, such as advertisements, educational videos, video games, short or educational films, etc. In industrial animation, the main goal is to produce high quantity and good quality in order to promote business and brand recognition.

What is industrial 3D animation?

An industrial 3D animation is a type of animation that focuses on visualizing industrial products, machines, and processes. It’s also sometimes called technical animation or mechanical animation.

Here are some key features of industrial 3D animations:

Subject matter

Industrial machinery

Technical processes

Product functionality

Training simulations

Industrial 3D Animation Services to Elevate your Visuals

Industrial 3D animation can be a powerful tool for any business looking to enhance their visuals and communication. Here’s how it can elevate your presentations:

Explain Complex Concepts:  3D animation excels at bringing complicated machinery, processes, or scientific ideas to life in a way that’s easy to understand for any audience. You can showcase intricate details and functionality in a clear and engaging manner.

Increase Engagement:  Let’s face it, static presentations can be dull.  3D animation injects excitement and keeps viewers captivated.  This is especially useful for training videos, product demonstrations, or marketing materials.

Virtual Prototyping:  Before a physical prototype is built, 3D animation allows for the creation of a digital version. This can be used to test design functionality, identify potential issues, and refine the product before going into production.

Global Appeal:  3D animation transcends language barriers.  This is perfect for reaching a worldwide audience or for situations where clear visual communication is essential.


Industrial Animation

Application of industrial animation

Industrial animation is also known as technical and mechanical animation, which is used to show how industrial or technical tools and processes work, even in hard-to-explain industries such as offshore. It can be considered a help to simplify the presentation of complex processes or the science behind industrial and construction solutions, and it also conveys information in a way that is easier to understand and attractive.

In offshore and similar industries, there are long processes that show complex or technical parts of your product in a more attractive and simple way instead of boring your customers through explanations or long demonstrations in the form of an industrial animation. With this method, your audience can understand the idea or concept within minutes. Isn’t it clever?

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Types of industrial animation

Industrial animation has different styles; Like 2D, 3D, 2.5D or any style of animation. But usually, 3D animation is preferred by the majority because in this style, all angles (up to 360 degrees) of the product or tool are displayed.

Choosing the style of animation depends on the situation; For example, if the company does not yet have a recognizable product, technical animation in 2D style can be a suitable option to explain an industrial concept.

the camera cannot see some things simply or there are things that cannot be seen or reached by the camera, such as the small molecules of a compound or the inside of your device. Fortunately, industrial animation makes this importance possible.


In the offshore industry, marine industry, oil and gas industry, subsea engineering, and industries like them,…; sometimes there is a need to show the internal components of a series of equipment; an amazing solution is a structural animation, which can be excellent and accurate for showing the internal components and structure of a tool, heavy machine or other device used in your business, of course, this should be done by a professional team, and our team will assure you that even complex structures are accurately and are clearly represented for viewers.


Sometimes you need to demonstrate products, hardware, or services to buyers, investors, and shareholders; Our team will help you create great animated content and showcase your strengths and visual qualities in the best light and the most up-to-date style available.

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Industrial animation requires a specific skillset to accurately represent complex machinery and processes. We Are Among Top 3 Offshore Animation Studios In The World!With having a record of 12 hours high quality 3D video production in the field of offshore, marine and renewable energies for many well-known clients in the world, International Energy Club is among top 3 industrial animation studios in the world.

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