3D visualization types

3D visualization types

3D visualization types: how to choose the best one for your marine project?Do you have doubts about which type of 3D visualization you should choose to display your new design idea in the best way? In this article, the best marine 3D visualization types have been explained.

The primary key to getting the most effective virtual reality for your new design is choosing the correct 3D visualization type for your marine or yacht project, maybe due to various kinds of 3D technologies making a good decision might be a little hard for you.

There are some 3D visualization types which are the most popular and beneficial these days, in this article we check them one by one and you will find out which type of them are more suitable.

Reading this article will help you to have the basic information about choosing the best type of 3D visualization for your next design.

3 There are three questions you should ask yourself before choosing

Before examining the types of 3D visualization, it should be said that the best type is determined according to your needs, and these three questions are related to your needs.

1-What is the motive of the visualization?

Before starting, you need to know what you want to achieve using 3D visualization.

Do you want to use it as a marketing strategy, for example on your website? Or use professional image display to increase the value of your tender offer. There is also a possibility that you want to talk more with the engineers by showing it in the meetings that are held before the project.

2-Who do you want to show it to?

If you just want to use it for advertising or market, so the 3D visualizers can use more artistic, but if you use it for explaining something so it has to be accurate.

3-How quickly you want to get your visuals

Some 3D visualizations are extremely time-consuming to create, and others can be created in a short time. Paying attention to the time frame you have is very important.

8 most common 3D visualization types for the yacht and marine industry

1- Environment visualization

It is one of the most common styles, in which not only your external environment is displayed, but also the surrounding environment and the situation in which the ship is located.

2- Studio shots

The most primary 3d visualization type is studio shots for the marine industry, in this style, nothing but the ship is shown, not even the sky or even the water, in this type all angles of the ship are photographed, such as white background photos.

3-360° interactive model

The 360° interactive model is an advanced version of studio shots. The main difference between these two is that the 360° interactive model exactly looks like real life because it’s already rendered so it looks.

4-Interior visualization

Interior visualization can be useful for marine projects where the comfort of the crew and guests is important, especially in yachts of this style.

This style of 3D visualization is used to show the interior of the ship, even for commercial ships.


5- Panorama

Interior panoramas, or 360° camera shots, can visualize the interior of the ship and the exterior decks from the crew’s perspective, too.

The product of this style can be an application that makes the feeling of being in the real space more understandable

6- Virtual walk-throughs

Virtual walk-throughs make it possible for you to walk in the ship or yacht as like as a video game, you can enter any room and see the space inside it. This method is especially helpful for fastidious customers


Animation is good for advertising and this kind of video can present your company as professional.

8-Profile view

If your project does not require professional 3D visualization, you can use this type of 2D visualization, which can be added to it with the necessary features.

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