Petroleum extraction from sea

Petroleum extraction from sea

Petroleum extraction from sea

Petroleum has formed from the remains of the ancient plants and animals have been buried and compressed depth of the sand and rock and have been transformed into hydrocarbon compounds such as crude oil under pressure and heat. Petroleum is a substance that is used as fuel and exploited from difficult and dangerous location such as offshore or depth of the sea, because of their volume and potential for future development and is economically.

Petroleum extraction from sea

Petroleum extraction technology

  • Exploration

Petroleum extraction from the sea involves various technologies. At first the rocks that are likely to contain petroleum reservoirs are found and applied technologies to get more information about their structure and formation, which can be included sending to the laboratory and analyze them to evaluate their potential for development and extraction.

  • Drilling

If the reservoir be economically development based on the market prices and other factors, the drilling should be started. This step involves suing various technologies and equipment and in some locations, permanent drilling platforms are installed. Te evaluation of the reservoir continues with collecting data and primary resources, and maybe installed additional boreholes to exploit fully the oil and gas.

  • Production

This step can be done when the wells have been drilled and completed, means that when the equipment and technologies have been installed. Modern production methods involve special production ships, mobile production units and compliant structure that are moored into the depth of the sea. Other facilities are available to save and transport the well fluids onshore to production platform.

Offshore production can be arranged vertically or may drain the fluids through inclined or horizontal boreholes. Some formation may be drained by multilateral wells at different depths and several flow units. If the reservoir pressure be enough and sufficient, the production can be done without using pomp in some locations.

The rocks contain hydrocarbon and oil and are not drilled and removes, can be ecologically harmful.

  • Transportation

The export of the oil and petroleum is done by underwater pipeline or by tanker carriers. Pipelines may be buried under the sea or on top of the sea and may be connected to the systems of flowlines that carry to the nearby storage tanks or tanker carriers. Tankers may serve to a single or multiple well and may gather the products at several ports and then transport them to the terminals.

Petroleum extraction value

The value of the petroleum in all products and its importance of uses is so high. The petroleum can be used in modern transportation system that are fueled by gasoline, jet fuels and diesel fuel, and also is used for heating, industrial processes and generating electricity.

Petroleum can be used as petrochemical and its derivative such as pharmaceutical, plastics and building materials.

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