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Animation studio

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Animation studio

Industrial animation is one of the things that plays an important and influential role in the world of digital marketing, and for this reason, creativity and experience are important elements that can create a different and professional animation. Our animation studio team consists of experienced, passionate, and creative professionals who love to create solutions to create an unforgettable experience in the minds of people and business owners.

Specific field of activity

Our animation studio has dedicated its field of activity to offshore animation; This field includes marine animation, oil and gas animation, wind offshore animation, fish farming animation, oil tanker animation, ship animation and subsea animation, etc.

The field of offshore animation is one of the new and important fields in the world; With the latest technology in hand, our studio’s professional animation team is ready and able to create animation, motion graphics and all kinds of videos needed by the offshore industry.

Animation studio

Project implementation process

We continue to embrace new technology and learn about the latest methods of 2D animation, 3D animation, simulation, virtualization, etc. We continue to provide unique and innovative solutions to a wide range of offshore issues. This may mean that one day we are doing motion capture, or up to 50 meters in the sky or subsea imaging capturing potential landscapes, or even simulating operational procedures.

In our animation studio, all your demands can be implemented, in industries such as oil and gas, which is one of the most dangerous industries, you can convert any information you want into a movie; By simulating the information of this field, even unfinished projects can be depicted in the form of oil and gas animation.

We love challenges, and we enjoy it the most when we see our clients come back with happy smiles and stories of success!

We focus on three key goals:

The geographical area of animation studio activity

We are located in Iran, which is one of the important places for oil and gas, but the animation activity area of our studio is not limited to geographical borders; Due to the fact that we have the latest technology in the world, it doesn’t matter where your company is located, our animation studio is ready to make the highest quality video, especially in the field of offshore animation.

Writing a scenario

The scenario of video animation is important in various industries, especially offshore animation, whether for marketing, introducing a product or service, or training.

If you have an idea that you don’t know how to technically describe and detail, we will do it for you.

Or even if you don’t have an idea, all ideas and documentation will be written in a complete and technical manner according to your user.

It should be noted that document writing includes details: modeling, styling, rendering, dialogues, storyboards, narration, editing, timing, special effects, etc.

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