Return on investment or (RIO)

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Return on investment or (RIO)

Return on investment or (RIO)، 3D industrial animation can improve your return on investment; This is an obvious matter that 3D animation is a perfect way to show how a product works in different aspects, internal and external different environments. But another point that should be taken into account is that 3D animation can also be used and reused in different ways to enhance your return on investment in all kind of industries as like as offshore industry, marine industry.

3D animation specially offshore animation gives you a great return on investment because it can be reused for many different purposes. Here are some examples of how to get the most profit out of your one-time investment in various situations.

Blogs and Articles

Your 3D animated video content can be repurposed and made perfect for blogs, articles, social media posts, white papers, and more, besides that, there are lots of  purposes for some high-risk industries such as offshore industries which can have different uses of offshore animation. Company’s LinkedIn page is one of the places to post such articles. Simply use the video in a different way by creating a written summary.

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Social Media

Return-on-investment-or-(RIO)، 3D animation can be used on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This is an awesome way to attract leads and a unique method of increasing brand awareness. Some industries like offshore industry are new and not well known; If viewers on social media aren’t consistently searching for your brand, they may not spend much time viewing your products. Therefore, quickly grabbing the attention of viewers is what your company needs and wants, a short video of 20 seconds or even less would be an ideal method. To attract the attention of viewers, you can put attractive videos with visual appeal in front of their eyes and draw them in.

Keep into consideration that usually the sound of your video is muted by default. So, you need to create a video that can grab the user’s attention, even if the video is without sound.

About offshore animation in some cases, you may need to make changes choicely to your video formatting to make sure your industrial animation offshore works best on each platform depending on your needs, so be aware of these issues during the creation and editing process.


Return on investment or (RIO)، You can send 3D animated videos to your customers via email. Statistics show that placing videos in emails increases the click rate by 50%. Besides that, if the word “video” is used in the email subject, it can increase the probability of opening by 20%.

Sometimes when offshore animation video in email, you may want to fall longer pieces into shorter parts and post them in separate emails and using them for separate emails. This will be a “cliffhanger” effect and will increase the interaction between you and your audience.

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Return on investment or (RIO)

Interactive Sales Tool

By adding 3D animation to your sales presentation, you will attract more audiences and you will have a more educated audience. To make your presentation more interesting, divide your video into chapters so you can stop at key moments and continue if needed, especially industrial animation and offshore animation. Breaking your video into chapters can also help keep customers engaged with your video message even while they’re doing other things; Customers may be on a phone call while watching your video. If they don’t understand a certain part, searching through the chapters makes it easy for them to find the desired part.

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