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ship animation

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ship animation

ship animation ، Are you interested in what the production of 3D animations for industrial companies looks like? In this article or case study, we will show you how a high-quality 3D animation for ship design companies is created step-by-step.

Customer and requirements

For example, a company plans to introduce a project in industrial animation (ship animation); In this project, sustainable wing sail modules powerful enough to minimize fuel consumption during sea travel and remodel the impact of sea passing over on the environment should be displayed.

The marketing strategy used to promote this innovation includes a photorealistic 3D animation that presents the wing sail modules during operation. And this is where we come to help.

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ship animation

Production of 3D animation: necessary steps

Now we will introduce you to the path that our 3D animation studio takes to produce such an animation. You will get to know all the specific production steps, step by step, by the end of this article.


First, a meeting is held with the client and we ask the client for all the essential information about how their company would like the animation to look.

Generally, in the first stage of the project, research is done about the background music to suggest the right songs that match the overall vision of our client and us. But at the customer’s request, the music piece that the customer has already chosen can be provided to us so that we can use it.

In the first edition, we present the storyboard, which is a collection of overview images, arranged in order of time, showing specific scenes of the animation. In a video, a series of designs are combined with music.

At this stage, we can observe a draft of the animation, which is very basic. However, we get the look away from the whole piece and can make decisions about what the scenes should look like.

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3D modeling and texturing

ship animation ، While the formation of the animation structure starts in the storyboard, we also start working on the optimization of the 3D models and preparing them to play in a movie.

Usually, the 3D models given to us by customers are very precise in terms of engineering. But they are often too netted and heavy to be used in industrial animation.

In order to make the best use of time in the final rendering and to keep the project clean and properly organized, we often have to remake the entire ship. After doing this, we will add some proposals. In this case: deck furniture, solar panels, mast equipment, equipment elements, and cars are transported on the car carrier.

Finally, we add high-quality textures that make the animation look more realistic: the seams on the steel plates, the subtle scratches on the prow, and all the small details seen in the real world.

Fluids & dynamics

ship animation ، One of the things that require a lot of skill to create in industrial animation is reliable wave motion, which has a series of tricks in additional software. Our team is constantly developing facilities and technologies for creating waves and waves for engineering simulations well and accurately.

By combining real-time fluid simulations and a special combination of 2D texture maps and water material optimization, the final effect is achieved in the video.


With the approval of the storyboard and 3D models from the client, we proceed to the next step, which is the creation of an animatic, which is the draft version of the final animation. However, it does not contain any materials, textures, environmental details, or lightning. But it shows the final position of the models in the scenes.

Style frames

The next phase in our 3D animation is creating style frames; We add realistic looking light and water to industrial animation, render visual previews and do some post production. These allow the client and us to review the final look of the video and confirm the colors and overall mood.


ship animation ، This step is the best part of making 3D animation. When the client approves all the items, we combine them all and start rendering.

Producing 3D images is a time-consuming process and requires strong, fast and high-quality hardware. It should be noted that our team can make the best use of time with up-to-date technology.

Post production

Once all the animation sequences are rendered, you need to combine them and add post production.

In addition to music, a professional voiceover can also be performed to read the text provided by the customer.

Finally, we insert the client’s logo and the animated texts are created according to the agreements between us and the client.

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