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SUBSEA ANIMATION!To define subsea engineering, it can be said that it is a very specialized field that includes the design, construction, installation and maintenance of underwater parts used for oil and gas production. And if asked what is subsea processing? In response, it should be said that subsea processing is used to increase hydrocarbon production in the most optimal way, and it is also used for new field developments, connections, and existing facilities. And it is worth mentioning that it can provide the possibility of production in marginal farms.

Capping process animation

The subsea animation can be used to explain the capping process. For example, when a Blow Out Preventor (BOP) is damaged and oil starts to leak. After detection of this leak, a ROV should be sent to investigate the damage in this moment ships are put in the position as fast as possible from the nearest available docks carrying a new Capping Stack (CS) and Accumulator Pack (AP). Then after arriving at the accident location, the Capping Stack and Accumulator Pack are deployed with guidance from the ROV. The ROV arranges in line with the Capping Stack onto the leaking Blow Out Preventor, ….

If you are familiar with the subsea industry, you actually know that this case and cases like this are really hard to explain, but using an animation (subsea animation) can extremely help you, no matter why and for what case you want to use the subsea animation.

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Subsea animation for other industries

In some cases, other industries use subsea animation. One of these cases is the fishing industry; which uses subsea animation because of the dangers. Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs left from peacetime in Britain; Which is even more difficult today with 100,000 kilometers of cables and pipelines and 4,000 surface and underwater structures located off the coast of Britain and Northern Europe. These dangerous obstacles often become hazards and problems for fishing vessels, such as the entanglement of fishing gear or lead to collisions that cause overturning and loss of life.

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Subsea and offshore

Fisherman information organizations work with the offshore industry to map the locations of surface and undersea structures to show potential fishing hazards. This valuable information is now used in fisherman’s training courses in the form of subsea animation. The advanced ones are very useful for teaching and demonstrating the dangers of underwater hazards.

The dangers of the subsea industry

Offshore, oil and gas, subsea, marine industries, etc. may not be well known; But raising awareness about these industries is important not only for these industries but for all industries, considering their risks and importance. As mentioned in the example above, showing dangers in offshore animation and subsea animation is very helpful for fishing and fishermen because knowing and being aware of the dangers makes them less likely to suffer damage.

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