B2B marketing with 3D industrial animation

B2B marketing with 3D industrial animation

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B2B marketing with 3D industrial animation

B2B marketing with 3D industrial animation، First, let’s talk about how industrial animation can be used for B2B Marketing, which we want to explain in this article in detail.

If you want to know about using industrial animation for B2B Marketing this article is useful for you.

How to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategy

It’s a proven fact that high-quality content will have a tremendous impact on B2B marketing; Many companies and brands around the world are aware of this and use industrial animation because they have seen the long-term result and its impact on sales.

All business owners and sales professionals know that the B2B market is evolving at a rapid pace, just like technology. New tactics to shine in this market are increasing, especially industrial animation. According to marketers, industrial animation is impressive for the B2B market.

Why a B2B animation?

According to a report published by Forbes magazine, between reading documents and watching movies, 59 percent of managers prefer watching videos and movies. Also, more than half of the media traffic is for watching content that is video.

B2B marketing with 3D industrial animation

How to use animation for your B2B Marketing

Considering the diversity of the market, every company definitely wants to have special and attractive content to explain its services or products. One of the features of industrial animation is versatility. Industrial animation has no limits for type, size, and style. Next, we explain how to use industrial animation to produce B2B marketing content for your business.

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1- Keep the persona in mind

It is true that the use of industrial animation in B2B and B2C sales has clear differences, but the common denominator is that you are connecting with people. The most important thing is not aspects like format, length, editing techniques and tools, but your persona; And you should think about your persona before any action to create content.

2- Build an emotional connection

Another one of the best features of industrial animation is communicating with any group and taste, to create a human feeling industrial animation in B2B marketing, the only way is to use characters and this is important because most people only pay attention to what affects them.

3- Use memorable characters

Creating characters and using colors that easily remain in the audience’s memory will be very effective because memorable and attractive characters can convince your audience and arouse their curiosity; This will make your desired content easily stay in the mind of your audience.

4- Make it easy to understand

There are things that are very difficult to explain and understand with live action, which becomes much easier with the help of industrial animation. If you want to simplify the animation, you can remove unnecessary information and focus only on the essential content.

In most cases, an industrial animation video is more attractive than a live-action video, which of course depends on the content. The use of industrial animation video because of its attractiveness encourages the audience to watch until the end of the video.

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Industrial animation samples

5- Solve problems

An important question to consider is: What is the basic content you want to convey in B2B? When writing the animation script, you should pay attention to the answer to this question so that industrial animation does not stray from the main topic. With this method, the customer realizes that your product solves the customer’s problem and finally the customer buys your product.

6- Be convincing from beginning to end

To make sure your industrially made animation video helps generate engagement, try to be persuasive from beginning to end, from the title to the call to action. Attending to details like what has been mentioned, the character, and colors are helpful in this case.

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