Industrial animation for business and advertising

Industrial animation for business and advertising

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Industrial animation for business and advertising

According to research and statistics, industrial animation has a significant and excellent effect on business and advertising, this effect has been confirmed by sales experts, and as you know, reputable brands and companies with the same name are aware of this positive effect of industrial animation and use it.


Each of the two types of 2D and 3D industrial animation has a special effect on business and advertising. But you may not know which one to use, to choose the right one you must first know what kind of project you want to do. We compared 2D and 3D industrial animation for you in this article.

Industrial animation for business and advertising

Advantages of 2D industrial animation

Faster production for short and simple content

With the help of up-to-date animation software, the creation of 2D industrial animation has become much faster (vector animation for short videos) because the creation of 2D industrial animation does not need powerful operating systems that must be used for the creation of 3D industrial animation.

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More affordable

You can use 2D industrial animation to create a series of short videos, manuals, or explainers for social networks and have attractive visual content for your product or service with the best light and the most economical budget (relatively low cost).

story oriented

If you want to spend your budget on creating an up-to-date and interesting story-based art video, 2D industrial animation is the best option for you. Because there are fewer camera effects in 2D industrial animation compared to 3D industrial animation, more attention is drawn to the story.

Advantages of 3D industrial animation

Real pictures and characters

Today’s industrial 3D animation makes it possible to produce impressive video, one that makes what it shows look very real.

Amazing effects and dynamics

If you want to make an unforgettable advertising video and draw the audience’s attention to the features of your products or services, 3D industrial animation is the right option for you that meets your needs. In addition, if you need complex movements in your advertising video such as dance, fighting, the transformation of objects, etc., or for an offshore animation video that is part of complex industries, 3D industrial animation is the best option.

The possibility of reuse

For branding, 3D industrial animation is better than 2D industrial animation, because in it, the created character can be used unlimitedly in different contents, and this will obviously save money and even time in the long run.

Cost effective for long films

The pre-production of industrial 3D animation, which includes modeling, character creation, and setting scenes, is a time-consuming process, but the production stage of industrial 3D animation is faster than its pre-production. In general, this method helps to save money in long industrial animation films.

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